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The Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

The Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

A new landmark bridge in Ho Chi Minh City.

Overview - Introduction:

The Thu Thiem 2 Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Thủ Thiêm 2) is a cable-stayed bridge in Ho Chi Minh City that spans the Saigon River, from District 1 and Thu Thiem ward in Thu Duc City. One end is at Ton Duc Thang – Le Duan crossroads in District 1 and the other is at Crescent Boulevard (R1) in Thu Thiem.

This will be the second connection between District 1 and Thu Thiem, joining the Saigon River Tunnel (Thu Thiem Tunnel) which opened in November 2011.

The bridge length is 1,465 metres, with the main span being 885.7 metres. It includes 6 lanes for traffic with pedestrian walkways on both sides.

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge in Vietnam has an unusual design – both above and below the water surface – which needed to be aerodynamically verified before construction.

This bridge has a 113-metre-high tower that arches towards Thu Thiem. It includes 6 lanes for traffic with pedestrian walkways on both sides.

The bridge is named after the new urban area on the Thu Thiem Peninsula in Thu Duc City (formerly known as District 2). The first Thu Thiem Bridge opened in 2008 and connects Binh Thanh District to the Thu Thiem peninsula.

Bridge construction and design:

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge was built by Dai Quang Minh Corporation as part of a Build-Transfer (BT) contract on February 3, 2015.
DMQ has been allocated 13.6 ha of land in Thu Thiem New Urban Area in exchange for the construction of major road and bridge projects in the area. And the bridge images were designed by architect WSP Finland Oy.

The original plan called for the bridge to be finished by April 30th, 2018. The timeline, however, was being pushed back due to a lack of funds and delays in site clearance. After numerous delays, this bridge was completed on September 2nd, 2021.

The Thu Thiem 2 Bridge was inaugurated on April 28 2022.

In Seensio:

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is located on the Seensio platform, with the same address as in real life, near the Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City. This virtual bridge in Seensio world has a lot of potential to become a popular place in the Metaverse for relaxing, entertaining, and living.

The Seensio platform's area around this bridge (the Park of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge in the real world) will become a colorful and dynamic location that users should visit to enjoy the landscape and atmosphere in virtual 3D space. When users visit this location, they will have a large area to move, play, and live in the virtual.

Additionally, The Thu Thiem 2 Bridge and the park to which it belongs combine to form a complex entertainment area in Seensio, with real-world-like buildings, structures, and addresses.
Seensio created the Metaverse platform with the goal of creating a world that is similar to the real world. Users can freely use their creativity and imagination to build their homes.

Build what matters.



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