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Dino Village

Dino Village

An ancient and modest hamlet full with huge creatures: dinosaurs.

The ideas:

Artist Do Thai Thanh took a Cinemagic studio idea and turned it into colorful visuals to create a delightful environment in real life, which may come true in Seensio.

Dino Village is a world-building project that merges the Jurassic period with the daily lives of the Van Lang - Au Lac civilization. In this village, numerous dinosaurs coexist peacefully with humans across the countryside. We can witness dinosaurs in their natural habitats or even in human towns that are very helpful to people.

Numerous dinosaurs in this place provide many functions for humans, such as companion animals, draft animals, or warriors in fights.

The locations we can visit:

Visitors to the Dino Village will observe many dinosaurs living in many natural habitats: along the river, in the sky, in the forest, in the ricefield... The wild creatures look amusing and kind.

Aside from that, Dino Village provides a location where guests can observe more dinosaurs in the domesticated animals area. And domestic animals are friendlier than wild creatures.

Visitors may also visit Dino Village, where locals live in harmony with their dinosaurs. This village's cultural and artistic design is influenced by the Van Lang - Au Lac civilization style. In Van Lang - Au Lac state clothing, the citizens of this village are very friendly and simple.

This location also has religious monuments, totems, and cultural relics related to dinosaurs.

Dino Village also features a luxury-style picture zone for tourists to save their Jurassic-era memories.
Visitors may also stroll through a special exhibit at Dino Village. There are several ways to explore and appreciate the historic atmosphere. The museum will provide and convey tourists through the Jurassic Era with several dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Dryosaurus, T-rex, Dimorphodon, and Eoraptor... We also offer a section where you may see fossils of ancient creatures or extinct animals from history.

Visitors may view the lives of early humans in the prehistoric age, through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and more if they venture far away to the inside of this museum. Aside from it, the lives of locals during the Van Lang - Au Lac period is also displayed, bringing the familiar to tourists.

After the strenuous hikes, the rest of Dino Village - Homestay zone will await tourists at the finish of this excursion. This homestay's decor is natural and basic, with furnishings made of wood, bamboo, or leaf that are environmentally friendly.

Take it to Seensio:

Seensio, the first Vietnamese metaverse platform, will provide a welcoming environment for Dino
Village visitors.
Many photographs of dinosaurs or dinosaur models in the 3D world will be recreated in a more realistic, alive, and colorful manner. In Dino Village, visitors may also play, explore, and learn about the legendary era of history with the life of the largest beasts in our world.



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